Abbie Benham

We have to announce to you that our manager Abbie has decided to leave The Ploughshare to pursue a new career outside the hospitality industry. This has been a difficult decision for her and we know it has been very carefully thought through. We would also stress that whilst we will be extremely sad to see her go, we fully understand and support Abbie in her decision.
Abbie joined The Ploughshare almost as soon as we opened in 2019 as a server and soon proved to be a highly valued member of the team. In April 2022 she applied for the Managers position and took over immediately at the helm of the day to day running of the pub. She has built an excellent team and an amazing relationship with the customers. Her attitude to getting things done and working with the committee to create the growth of business over the last eight months is excellent, not to mention winning awards from Greene King, CAMRA and The Plunkett Foundation.
Abbie will be with us until the end of January, and I’m sure you will join us in thanking her for making The Ploughshare such a welcoming and cheerful pub and wish her every success for the future.
(Photo Credit: Mike Corbett)

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